Brand Loyalism & How to Get It

Follow these simple rules to improve your unique brand identity.

No matter the product or service your company is selling, your brand is what says it all. So, how do you maintain and strengthen your brand in the world today? Here are several simple tips on how to do just this. And all of it done by using personalized ribbons!

use ribbon colors and your logo to make your brand stand outMaintaining Your Brand

When it comes right down to it, the only difference between you and your competitors is your branding. A standard comparison is Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Both sodas taste about the same and have similar recipes, but their branding is entirely different. From logo colors to marketing gimmicks and strategies, they both know how to reinforce their brand.

So, how can you have it all? Say hello to personalized ribbon marketing!

Whether you have an established company or one that is just beginning, don’t underestimate the power of a custom ribbon. And, if designed correctly, these ribbons carry more than just your logo or image. They sell your brand and promote your company progression.

While personalized ribbons are commonly associated with events, holidays and other festive occasions, they can also add individuality to your professional image. And no matter what you think about these ribbons, they will help your branding retain your marketing strategies.

However, there are some things to consider.

Even large companies use custom ribbon marketing. Promoting your brand with personalized ribbons is almost a must in the world today. From wrapping a purchase at a large department store to sending out event invitations, every business can, and should, benefit from using ribbon branding.

use custom and personalized ribbons to make your brand memorable

But, to get that branding correct, remember to use personalized ribbons wisely. And remember that your design matters.

Choose colors that either match your logo or compliment your company’s goals.

Use logos and artwork that share your unique brand and message with your employees and clientele.

Consider the ribbon type before assuming it will work for what you need.

And most of all, remember the phrase, “What’s in it for me?” This is especially true when you need to reach a specific target demographic. Remember your audience and their needs. That is what using these ribbons is all about; making your brand memorable.

3 Ways Ribbons Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand successfully takes time, strategy and involves many different aspects of business technique. Why not make it a bit easier with custom and personalized ribbons?

use personalized ribbon rolls with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessThese ribbons are printed with your custom message and company logo. All of our high quality ribbons come in a variety of color choices and can be customized to meet your needs. Your company details or specific messages will be printed on ribbons of your choice. Promote your business with these innovative and decorative ribbons in a number of uses.

A popular way of promoting your brand is to give away promotional products and gifts. This can help you to build your brand recognition and increase sales. Don’t limit yourself on the types of gifts you give away. It can be something as simple as a homemade treat to an actual product sample. Just remember to brand it with your logo, company slogan or something that makes it truly yours. Use ribbon rolls with your slogan to wrap around boxes or gift bags.

Use ribbons for all occasions and needs!

use personalized rosette ribbons with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessAre you attending a trade show or convention in the near future? Ribbon rolls are a great way to brand your booth or table at these events. From simple table wraps to bows and ribbon walls, make sure your design stands out to those who are walking by. Rosette ribbons are also a great way to decorate your booth. Brand your company as “First Place” with a place rosette ribbon or choose something a little grander to get your message across.

What about the upcoming holidays? Thinking about corporate gifting yet? Don’t forget that one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there is by word of mouth. And what better way than to let your employees help you? Choose your holiday gifts and then wrap them in pretty ribbons with your logo all over them. Or choose a simple badge ribbon as a gift tag to do the trick.

Whatever your choice, custom ribbon is a fantastic marketing tool. And you can use it to increase your brand awareness.