Decorating Your Office & Corporate Gifting

Did you know that the rules that apply to decorating your office also apply to corporate gifting?

decorating and branding go hand in hand when it comes to corporate giftingFrom wrapping to branding, custom ribbons are perfect for decorating. You have heard it from us before, custom ribbons are essential for the holidays. And you have also heard that corporate gifting is a must for nearly every business. So, the key to maintaining these necessary relationships is remembering to customize your ribbons with the right information.

But, although you may have been giving back to your clients for many years, you may not know all there is to corporate gifting. So, here are some helpful hints when considering your corporate gifting (and decorating) this year.

We’ve said it before, don’t forget about proper marketing and branding.

There are many reasons for corporate gifting that range from thanking customers for their business to recognizing employees for outstanding work. But, the primary goal seems always to be the same. It is to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between the giver and the recipient.

Most companies agree that this fundamental reason is an opportunity to share your holiday cheer, connect with your clients and strengthen employee ties. Recruiting, retention and development are three other great reasons to give a corporate gift.

use custom ribbon rolls for decorating at your office this holiday seasonBut, what does that have to do with decorating your office for the holidays? Well, that branded ribbon you now have lying around after wrapping all your corporate gifts is the perfect solution!

Use your leftover ribbon rolls to wrap up your office for the holidays. From the front reception desk to office doors, don’t leave anything without a bit of cheer attached. Make fun, festive bows to attach to the top of computers and hang on the wall. Or, cut little strips as table scatter for the luncheon you surely have planned to celebrate the holiday with your colleagues.

Don’t limit yourself to ribbon rolls. Grab some badge ribbons left from your last conference and start handing them out. They are great for bookmarks and other decorating around your office or store. Or, hang a fancy rosette ribbon on a door instead of a wreath!

custom award plaques and name plates are a great corporate gift idea, and they can add to office decoratingAnd, remember that it isn’t always about the newest tech gadget or the latest candy fad.

Sometimes, the most memorable gift you can give is something personalized. From a fancy new name plate to custom award plaques, we have that unique gift for that special individual. And, once you choose the perfect corporate gift, keep your decorating perfect with custom branded ribbons!

Marketing Ribbons & Why You Need Them

product marketing ribbons with ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons and badge ribbonsFrom logos to company names, product marketing ribbons are a must for any business.

Custom marketing ribbons are a great way to advertise your product or services. These ribbons are used to add decorations to packaging or promote a new product. And, when you add custom text and company logos, marketing takes on a whole new level. Here are some useful ideas to get you started with product ribbons.

use custom ribbon rolls for marketing ribbons for any companyBoxes & Bags

From gifts to giveaways, custom ribbons have been around for a while. And they are easy to use with a box or bag. Simply wrap a length of custom ribbon roll around a product box to show off your corporate branding. Or, attach a bow or badge ribbon to a bag to explain what your product is to your consumer.

But, no matter the ribbon type, custom ribbons are genuinely perfect for wrapping. However, here is a new idea: try a rosette ribbon to add some class. Did you know you can customize the button in the center of the rosette? Add your logo or a graphic that represents your company.

custom rosette ribbons are perfect for marketing ribbons for food and flowersFlowers & Food

Roses, daisies and cookies all look great wrapped in custom ribbons. Add personalized marketing ribbons to your fresh products for a unique look. You can even add printing describing your product to these ribbons. Your custom ribbon rolls can read Chocolate Chip or Long Stem, White depending on what you are selling.

Or, wrap a bouquet with custom ribbon stating your company name and logo, so your customers know where to return when they need more flowers. And, by adding custom text or logos to baked goods, your branding will bring in new customers as they see others consuming your products. So, never underestimate the power of marketing ribbons!

badge ribbons make wonderful marketing ribbons for clothing and accessoriesAccessories & Apparel

Use badge ribbons or ribbon rolls to find a creative way to display earrings, sweaters and more at your store. From a local boutique to a larger chain store, customize a ribbon to meet your needs. Personalized ribbons create an appealing presentation for any product. Marketing ribbons help attract needed attention to your products, and they will also increase brand recognition.

Local & Large

It doesn’t matter if you work at a large chain store or your local farmer’s market, these ribbons are for everyone. Remember that when it comes to proper branding to choose coordinating colors, text and logos. And, make sure to pick the right ribbon for your need.

So, whether it’s a shoebox from a big brand name or a bouquet from a small, local shop, product marketing ribbons are sure to help you get your sales up!

3 Amazing Ways to Brand with Ribbon Rolls

Ideas such as corporate gifting are amazing ways to get your brand recognized.

using custom ribbon rolls is an amazing way to be your brand recognizedAnd, the best way to accomplish brand recognition is with personalized ribbon rolls. From adding your company mission statement to finishing a ribbon with your logo, any company knows how important branding is. And, once you have those branded ribbon rolls, here are some amazing ways to use them.

Wrapping & Corporate Gifting

It’s no secret that ribbon rolls are the perfect accent to any gift! And once they are personalized with a company logo, there’s no stopping them. So, pull out your ribbon roll and start smothering your corporate gifts with them. From show-stopping bows to a simple strand wrapped around some colorful paper, your branded ribbon is sure to please any recipient.

Because of the branding, each recipient will always remember where they got that amazing gift. So, no matter what your corporate gift may be, don’t forget that ever important ribbon.

Corporate Get-Togethers & Other Events

Do you have a summer event planned for your company? Don’t underestimate the power of branded ribbons for your decorations. Even though most company events are for employees and colleagues who already know your brand, others may still see your decorations. So, keep your decor branded with easy-to-use custom ribbon rolls.

From table centerpieces to picture perfect selfie props, colorful imprinted ribbons are the ideal accessory. Even wrap them around cutlery for summer picnics or a more formal corporate dinner. And, they are perfect for tying up a small bag of goodies for each person to take home. At that point, your branding has even more power because the friends and family of each employee will be able to see your message on each ribbon.

using custom ribbon rolls is an amazing way to be your brand recognizedMarketing & Company Promotions

Most businesses understand that branding and marketing go hand-in-hand. However, there are some things to consider. Even large companies use custom ribbon marketing. Promoting your brand with personalized ribbons is almost a must in the world today. From wrapping a purchase at a large department store to sending out event invitations, every business can, and should, benefit from using ribbon branding.

So, no matter your need, remember that custom ribbon rolls are amazing for branding!

Brand Loyalism & How to Get It

Follow these simple rules to improve your unique brand identity.

No matter the product or service your company is selling, your brand is what says it all. So, how do you maintain and strengthen your brand in the world today? Here are several simple tips on how to do just this. And all of it done by using personalized ribbons!

use ribbon colors and your logo to make your brand stand outMaintaining Your Brand

When it comes right down to it, the only difference between you and your competitors is your branding. A standard comparison is Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Both sodas taste about the same and have similar recipes, but their branding is entirely different. From logo colors to marketing gimmicks and strategies, they both know how to reinforce their brand.

So, how can you have it all? Say hello to personalized ribbon marketing!

Whether you have an established company or one that is just beginning, don’t underestimate the power of a custom ribbon. And, if designed correctly, these ribbons carry more than just your logo or image. They sell your brand and promote your company progression.

While personalized ribbons are commonly associated with events, holidays and other festive occasions, they can also add individuality to your professional image. And no matter what you think about these ribbons, they will help your branding retain your marketing strategies.

However, there are some things to consider.

Even large companies use custom ribbon marketing. Promoting your brand with personalized ribbons is almost a must in the world today. From wrapping a purchase at a large department store to sending out event invitations, every business can, and should, benefit from using ribbon branding.

use custom and personalized ribbons to make your brand memorable

But, to get that branding correct, remember to use personalized ribbons wisely. And remember that your design matters.

Choose colors that either match your logo or compliment your company’s goals.

Use logos and artwork that share your unique brand and message with your employees and clientele.

Consider the ribbon type before assuming it will work for what you need.

And most of all, remember the phrase, “What’s in it for me?” This is especially true when you need to reach a specific target demographic. Remember your audience and their needs. That is what using these ribbons is all about; making your brand memorable.

Marketing with Personalized Ribbons

The key to marketing is getting sales.
And the best way to do that is to make your brand memorable.

marketing and branding are easier with personalized ribbonsSales and promotions stand out when you offer your business with a marketing strategy in mind. These plans typically include a handout or other trinket which people can take with them. This is particularly the case during a convention or other event.

Give your participants something different this time! What about some personalized ribbon wrapped around a pencil? Or a custom badge ribbon with your logo and slogan to remind them of your booth?

Whatever your choice for personalized ribbons, be sure to include a lasting message, logo and any other information that will make your company stand out in their minds. Marketing is mostly about the sale. But, more importantly, it’s about continued sales. And with this simple tool, those sales are bound to come rolling in.

From ribbon rolls to badge ribbons and even rosette ribbons, each ribbon can be used to bring in the crowd. With so many available colors to choose from, these are sure to attract even the most reluctant viewer at your next event.

And, hook them even further when they see how professional and unique ribbons can be!

marketing and branding are easier with personalized ribbonsWant to really draw attention? Include an eye-catching design element in your ribbons. Bright colors, catchy logos, and other unusual details make custom ribbons stand out wherever they are seen.

For long-lasting impressions, consider including a few pieces that will endure even after your promotion is over. Take some time to figure out what promotional item you want to give to prospective customers at your next event. These things could also go to current customers to encourage their loyalty to your company. Once you know what you want to give, consider how to present it with your newly branded and personalized ribbon!

Don’t forget that your brand needs to be memorable! Make sure your ribbons are what they are looking for with any of our custom ribbons.