Badge Ribbons and 18 Ways To Use Them

From titles to information and sales, badge ribbons are more useful than you might think.

It is no secret that badge ribbons are one of the most common ribbons available. But did you know that they have multiple uses? Yes, they have titles imprinted on them, but those titles don’t always have to be staff, president or secretary. Customize one of these flat ribbons to meet any need!

And, to get the ideas rolling, here are 18 ways to use these ribbons.

badge ribbons are a perfect tool for every event needIdentification, Networking and Promoting Your Brand

From titles to logos, badge ribbons are perfect for using at an office or during a conference. They help to identify staff and attendees in a manner that a name tag may not fully accomplish. Use stock titles to help identify each attendee, or create your own with custom titles. And add a logo to custom graphic badge ribbons to help promote your brand!

use badge ribbons for Promotions, Sales and Statistical InformationPromotions, Sales and Statistical Information

Custom graphic badge ribbons are the perfect tool for proudly displaying your company’s growth and sales increases. Include any other statistical information you want on these promotional tools. And, use them to promote your company events and sales.

Event Organization, Decorations, Buffet Labels and Seating Place Cards

No matter the event you are planning, badge ribbons are the perfect accessory. From simple decorations and place settings to helping to organize event staff, these identification tools are there to help. Use colorful badge ribbons to label the buffet, or use them to coordinate different aspects of the event.

badge ribbons are perfect for Bookmarks, Gift Tags, Party Favors, Games and Ice BreakersBookmarks, Gift Tags, Party Favors, Games and Icebreakers

Badge ribbons are perfect for labeling party favors and go great as gift tags. Or, try using them during games and party icebreakers. These ribbons are perfect for getting to know each other during your party. Use them for names or to identify individuals using different colors. Give everyone a reminder of your party with a unique bookmark or souvenir imprinted with party information on the ribbon.

badge ribbons are perfect for Supporting Your Cause, giving Awards and Raffle TicketsSupport Your Cause, Give Awards and Raffle Tickets

Show support for your cause or another charity with specific colors, like pink for a cancer event. Or, use these tools as placement awards for any games or contests going on during your event. Each winner will want to wear their award with pride while they enjoy the rest of your event.

Raffles can be one of the highlights at any big event. Add a fun twist by having people write their names on blank ribbons instead of using paper raffle tickets. Even use blank ribbons to label the raffle prizes.

But, no matter how you use badge ribbons, they are great for everything at any event, party or other function.

Balloons & Creative Ribbons

Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding, no event is complete without balloons!

add personal details to ribbons and use them as streams for balloons while decoratingFrom simple accents to more elaborate centerpieces, custom ribbons and balloons are perfect for a personalized look. And, with tons of ribbon roll colors to choose from, we have something for everyone. Here are some creative ideas to get you started with decorating using your ribbons and balloons!

Ribbon Ties, Bows and Other Accents

use fun bright ribbon rolls to accent balloons you are decorating withUse fun, bright ribbons to secure balloons to a table or other decorative spot. Run a ribbon from the base of each balloon to the table and secure it with a piece of tape or by tying it around a balloon weight. These ribbons should complement or match the balloons so as not to detract from the rest of the decorations. Use multiple strands per balloon for added fun. Or tie pretty bows to the base of each balloon.

If you are hosting a wedding, add unique details to each custom ribbon such as names, dates and other bride and groom favorites. And, for birthday parties, use the recipient’s favorite colors to add accents to each balloon. But no matter what your event is, get creative in how you customize the ribbon rolls.

Get Creative!

Try draping sheer fabric over the top of the balloon and secure it to the base of the balloons with personalized ribbon. Or, wrap each balloon with a festive and personalized message. Need an elegant look? Layer two different ribbon types like organza and single face satin to make your colors and message pop.

use ribbon rolls and balloons to create unique decorations for your next eventDecorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning gets really fun! Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates what your event is. Ribbon rolls can be used to make unique wall decorations by hanging ribbons from balloons to create a curtain effect. Or use this idea to accent a doorway or entrance to the party.

No matter how you use them, balloons are always a fun accessory for any party! And, now make them even more creative with personalized ribbon rolls.

Creative Christmas Ribbons in July

It’s never too early to plan for your Christmas and holiday ribbons, and July is a great time!

Yes, we just said Christmas, but we also know how commonly ribbons are used during the holidays. From wrapping presents to decorating for a holiday party, ribbons are essential. And, although it may be only July, it’s always a good idea to get your ribbon order in early.

Add names, dates and many more details about your holiday plans to each customized ribbon choice. From ribbon rolls to rosettes, use all of our ribbons for Christmas and other holiday needs. And, here are some great recommendations for your ribbons.

using personalized ribbons for christmas trees and other decorations even in julyUse ribbon rolls for more than wrapping.

Yes, ribbon rolls are perfect for making every present under your tree sparkle with personality. However, there are so many other uses for these fantastic ribbons. Use them for decorating the tree to adding charm to any other decor around your home; personalized ribbon rolls are advantageous for many uses.

And, don’t just limit your ribbons to decorating for the holidays! Red, white and blue ribbons are perfect for July. So while it isn’t for your Christmas needs, July holidays count too. Then reuse those red and white ribbons for your holiday fun.

From rosettes to badge ribbons, everything can be just as festive as you are.

While rosettes are used for fair and festival awards during July, they are just as useful during the holidays. Rosettes are a unique way to decorate. Use them on your tree or for unique markers for stockings and table settings. Rosettes are a classy way to let someone know you care.

personalized ribbons for christmas and july celebrations

And, badge ribbons are perfect for almost anything! Use them as name tags on presents or make unique additions to a table centerpiece. And, blank badge ribbons are great for holiday parties and other events. Have guests write on them for games or have raffles with these fun ribbons.

But no matter what your July brings, don’t forget to get a jump start on your ribbon order!

Unique and Useful Event Ribbons

Everyone uses ribbons at an event, so don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons.

With an extensive range of personalized ribbons available (rosette ribbons, badge ribbons and ribbon rolls), conferences, conventions and any event are sure to find benefits and uses. And those who choose to use these event tools are guaranteed to come out on top.

From marketing and brand recognition to decorations and name badges, ribbons provide a way to make everything run at all events. Use the bright colors and custom options to make your ribbons work for you. With logos and personalized text, these ribbons will turn your conference into a party!

Effective communication is an essential key to successfully researching, designing, planning and coordinating any function. It pays to know all available resources and will help when delegating responsibilities in advance. Event planning can be an overwhelming task if the correct tools are not readily available.

Here is a short list of tasks ribbons are capable of performing.

badge ribbons are perfect at any event for providing attendees with titlesBadge Ribbons

Identify attendees, staff and others at events.

Promote a brand or image by offering a unique handout.

custom ribbon rolls are great at any event for decorations and awareness ribbonsRibbon Rolls

Extremely easy to use for decorations for any function.

Wrap product samples or branding promotional items.

award rosette ribbons are extremely useful at any eventRosette Ribbons

Useful as award ribbons for all events.

Perfect for making table decorations stand out.



While it has been said before, we are sure it needs to be repeated. Branding with personalized ribbons is important, especially at conferences and conventions. You need to make sure that people remember who you are. Accomplish this task with color matching to your company logo and adding text that will help any event goer more aware of you.

Consider each ribbon and the uses it will specifically provide for you. While badge ribbons typically provide titles and identifiers for attendees, they can also prove useful as unique branded handouts. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating, but you can also use them to promote a cause your company supports. And rosette ribbons are amazing awards. But consider them for a different way of providing name tags for staff at a convention table.

No matter your event, personalized ribbons will help brand, recognize and emphasize your goals.

Wedding Ribbon Ideas As Easy As 1-2-3

From flowers to backdrops, personalized ribbons are perfect for any wedding!

Custom ribbon rolls are the most commonly used ribbons and are great for nearly every event or occasion. From the perfect color choice to a personalized message, we will produce each ribbon roll for anything you need. And, they are a magical addition to any wedding.

Each ribbon is Single Face Satin. The red is Scarlet in 7/8 inch with the couple’s names imprinted in metallic silver. The yellow is Baby Maize in 3/8 inch with the wedding date imprinted in metallic red. Here are some great time and money saving tips for decorating with your personalized ribbons.

It’s All About the Flowers

All of the flowers at this beautiful wedding were accented with these personalized ribbons. From the corsages to the boutonnieres, the smaller floral arrangements had either the yellow or the red ribbon wrapped around the stems. Some, such as the mother’s corsages, had little ribbons poking out from the flowers as well. The bride’s maid bouquets matched closely to the bride’s bouquet with the stems wrapped together using both the red and the yellow ribbons.

satin face ribbon used for a corsage at a wedding
satin face ribbon used for a corsage at a wedding

Centerpieces and Table Decorations

use custom ribbon rolls for your wedding as table decorations and centerpiecesWhile the main decorations were bright red and yellow paper flowers, the groom had the fun idea of incorporating the ribbons alongside. The ribbons were quickly cut from the roll to display the imprinted information. Using these snippets, they were placed on each table and the display tables as decorative scatter. Several of the guests complimented the couple on this grand idea!

The centerpieces were vases full of fun, colored popcorn that was part of the refreshments for reception guests. Each vase was tied with a length of ribbon roll to display the color theme for the occasion.

scarlet red and baby mazie satin face ribbon rolls on a wedding cakeAnd Don’t Forget the Cake!

Keeping with the color scheme was important for this couple. So, not only did the flowers have to match, but so did the ribbon. And it was flawlessly displayed on the three-tiered cake! Both ribbon colors were wrapped around the base of each layer. The baker was careful to make sure that the names and date showed nicely without any overlap.

Most of these ideas were crafted by either the bride or the groom; some on the day of the wedding and reception! So, no matter how simple, or how ornate, you want your wedding to be, personalized ribbons are always a great way to go.