Ribbon Survival Kits for Any Holiday

No matter how you look at it, ribbon survival kits are something everyone should have on hand.

For many people, using personalized ribbons is a common practice during the holidays. From wrapping presents and decorating for a holiday party to corporate gifting and business branding, ribbon survival kits are a crucial tool to have on hand for the holidays.

So, why are these ribbon survival kits so essential? Here are our top products and why they are useful for any holiday celebration.

rosette ribbons are a must to keep on hand for all ribbon survival kitsDon’t underestimate the power of a rosette!

These extravagant ribbons are useful for all ribbon survival kits. From unique name tags for gifts to prizes awarded at any holiday party, rosettes are a unique ribbon to keep on hand. We guarantee that there are many unexplored uses for rosettes, so don’t let these ideas limit your use for this ribbon type.

Personalize any of these rosettes with text, logos and other details. There are options of one, two or three streamers with one color imprinting. Each center button comes as cello, gold-rimmed or satin. Add names, titles and holiday messages to the streamers and customize the button to meet your needs.

With all of the available customization options, these fancy ribbons have endless uses! So, grab some rosettes to put in your ribbon survival kits today. Choose from a large variety of stock award rosettes or create custom ribbons to match all of your holiday needs.

badge ribbons are a must to keep on hand for all ribbon survival kitsBadge ribbons provide identification and add fun to any holiday event.

Personalize badge ribbons with custom text and a logo or small graphic. Identify party attendees by attaching a ribbon to a badge holder or clothing item. Or use them as party favors, gifts, decorations, party table scatter and so much more!

From fun holiday titles for employees at a business luncheon to silly games at a family party, badge ribbons are the perfect tool for your ribbon survival kits. Add nearly any text to each ribbon. And, with fun, festive color choices, your possibilities are almost endless.

ribbon rolls are a must to keep on hand for all ribbon survival kitsOh, and ribbon rolls are a must in any survival kit!

There are so many uses for ribbon rolls that the list is endless. Customize each roll with names, dates, titles, quotes and so much more. Choose your favorite holiday color and go crazy with any customization you want. And, make sure to share your projects with us.

Ribbon survival kits aren’t just for you. Create one for your colleagues and neighbors as they make perfect gifts for the holidays.

How Do You Use Your Ribbons?

From holiday DIYs to corporate events, ribbons are perfect for almost any need.

But, we want to know more! What do you do with your ribbons?

Are there any particular ways you use a ribbon? From ribbon rolls to rosettes, every ribbon is essential in decorating, gifting and so much more. Here are our top nine ways to use ribbons.

award ribbons are perfect for conferences, fairs and all eventsConventions, Events & Festivals

No event is complete without ribbons! And events such as weddings and other parties prove that. From decorating tables to providing accessories for attendees, every event can find a use for ribbons. Use badge ribbons to identify your attendees. Or, use ribbon rolls so that everyone can show support for their cause or an awareness of a disease or issue.

Rosette ribbons are perfect for fairs and festivals. Give them out as awards and prizes. Or, use ribbon rolls to brand baked or homemade goods at a fair. A badge ribbon is a unique way to advertise a company or specific booth that needs help with marketing their product or service.

And, there are no limits with ribbon use at a convention! From identification to icebreakers and everything in between, find a ribbon to suit all of your needs.

Holidays, Presents & Sales

With Christmas and other holidays just around the corner, ribbons are sure to be seen everywhere. They will be poking out from under holiday trees wrapped around presents to make sure the receiver knows just who their gifts are from. Use a badge ribbon to make a unique gift tag.

custom top ribbons can be used for promotions and sales for the holidaysAnd, ribbons are frequently seen in stores as businesses prepare for holiday sales. Custom top ribbons are a perfect example. Take advantage of the full-color printing and create sales reminders and unique coupons for your business today. Or, place them around the store for hidden sale items and raffles.

Don’t forget the holiday decorations! From your home to any business, a custom ribbon is the perfect answer to any decorating need. Use them on door wreaths, festive garlands and so much more!

DIY, Crafting & Hobbies

use custom ribbons for handmade accessories and other DIYs, hobbies and craftsNo craft or hobby is complete without a ribbon. Take long ribbon roll pieces and make garlands to hang on your wall or a beam on the ceiling. Or, wrap ribbon around flower bouquets and centerpieces to make them fit any home or store decor. And, with so many options to choose from, pick a custom ribbon to match any color theme.

Do you have extra ribbon scraps left over from your last event or celebration? Make ribbon flowers and attach them to handmade bracelets, headbands, purses, shoelaces and almost any other accessory. Everything always looks so much better with ribbon!

We’re still interested in hearing from YOU! So, how do you use your ribbons?

Product Highlight: Blank Badge Ribbons

Decorate your own blank badge ribbons to meet any need!

Sometimes you just need a plain, flat, colored ribbon. This is where custom blank badge ribbons come in handy. These ribbons can be used in most any way, and here are a few suggestions.

blank badge ribbons have many uses - use them for branding during conferences and conventionsWith the abundance in color variety, these badge ribbons can be used to differentiate between attendees at a convention or students in a classroom. Give orange ribbons to volunteers at a conference and purple to attendees. Use the different colors for different assignments in a classroom. Or stack the colors for different achievements in any setting.

Blank badge ribbons are perfect for crafts and scrapbooks. DIY projects may need a little extra color and these ribbons are a great way to add it in! Use the adhesive to attach the ribbon to a scrapbook page. And then write on them with a permanent marker to personalize it in any way. Attach ribbons to picture frames for a bright embellishment. Use your imagination and get as creative as you need to!

One of the most obvious use for badge ribbons is name badges and badge holders.

blank badge ribbons have many uses - use them for parties and other events and gamesUse these colorful ribbons to help your brand stand out from your competitors. Use the adhesive strip to attach them to the bottom of your name tag at a conference or convention. Or just use around the office. Each ribbon is useful for handing out to employees or customers. Use these ribbons in contests or give-a-ways that your company might have.

From family reunions to summer work parties, another great use for these blank badge ribbons is party games. Use the different colors for different games or organization during the festivities. Design your own game using badge ribbons and either focus on the colors or write on them with a permanent marker.

Whatever your use, blank badge ribbons are the perfect solution. And the best part is that you can order yours today! Choose from over 30 colors and 2 orientations at Personalized Ribbons.

Creative Ribbons: Wedding Ribbon Rolls

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing: wedding ribbons!

Time to bring out all those ribbon rolls again, and the project this time is weddings. Whether it’s for your wedding or a friends, ribbon rolls are at it again! You’ve incorporated these little gems into pretty much everything you’ve done for the wedding. From flowers to trinkets to decorations, these wedding ribbons are everywhere. Here’s a few more ideas to use up all those little strips still laying around.

While the traditional wedding throws rice or confetti at the departing couple, why not have something a little more clean up friendly? Create your own ribbon wands.double face satin ribbon wedding wands made from ribbon rolls

Such a simple project. Find a dowel that will comfortably fit an anyone’s hand. Each dowel can be painted to the wedding colors. Sand the dowels a bit so that there is nothing sticking out of them. Take the ribbon roll strips and trim them to the same size of the dowel. Choose as many as you want and secure them all to one end of the dowel. This can be done with either hot glue or adding a small screw to the end of the dowel.


single faced satin ribbon wedding ribbon rolls for bubble containersAnother great idea for sending off the couple onto their happy journey is bubbles. This one is especially a great idea if there are a lot of children, whether it be age or attitude, at the wedding. Find yourself some of those little bubble containers at a party store. Sometimes these come in colors or just clear. Either way, add paint, glitter or anything else to make it personal. Then secure a single strip from a ribbon roll around each container with a simple bow. What a unique and great way to provide trinkets for your guests to take home! You can even choose to add a little saying onto the container with a card or pen such as, “Blow bubbles of wishes, blow bubbles of fun, let’s cheer on the newlyweds as two lives become one!”

Double Faced Satin Ribbon and Rose Wedding BackdropThe final idea here is to take a bunch of the bridal flowers and secure them into curtain by hanging them from ends of strips of the ribbon rolls. Colors are especially fun on this one as you can make a great statement with all the colors of the rainbow or stick to the wedding colors.

Whatever your choice to finish up those ribbon rolls, make sure it fits with the mood of your wedding!

Creative Ribbons: Hair Accessories

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing! Hair Accessories!

Time to bring out all those ribbon rolls again, and the project this time is hair bows and other accessories. While most of these don’t require a personalized ribbon roll, it doesn’t hurt to have them on hand. So, grab whatever you can and let’s get started.

ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsFirst, and probably the easiest idea is the hair tie. Grab a length of ribbon that will wrap at least twice around a pony tail. This length may vary depending on how much hair you intend to tie up in this ribbon. Secure the pony tail in an elastic. Once this is done and the pony tail is to your liking, simply wrap the ribbon around the pony tail to cover the elastic. Finish this look by securing the ribbon with a simple bow, much like a shoelace.


ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bows

This next idea will only take about five minutes to complete. You will need to hair elastics and a long piece cut from a ribbon roll. Simply join the two hair elastics with a simple knot. Once this is done, take your ribbon and measure the length needed. This is done by gently, but securely, wrapping the ribbon roll around your head where you will wear the headband once. Add one to two inches to that length and give it a snip! Singe the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying. Then just wrap one end of the ribbon through one end of the hair elastic knot and sew it in place; hot glue is also an option to secure the ends. Repeat this process with the other side of the knot and the other end of the ribbon. And, you’re done!

ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsAnother super easy idea is to take approximately the same length of strips from a ribbon roll and secure them with a knot around a single hair elastic. Variate the colors on this project for a unique look, or use color combinations that go with holidays or specific outfits that are in your closet. These are super cute for little girls and they typically love the frilly look of this simple hair accessory.


ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsThe last idea is super cute and also really easy! Cut three to four 5-6 inch pieces off a ribbon roll. Find the center of each strip and fold the ends in to meet each other at this point. Hot glue the ends to the middle of the ribbon strip. Repeat this process for each strip. Lay each ribbon on top of each other and fan out into a flower shape. Once this is done, carefully pull each layer up and secure them with a dab of hot glue. Line an alligator clip using another strip of your ribbon roll. Glue the flower onto the clip and add a colorful button to the center of the flower to complete this cute project.

While there are only four ideas here, there are hundreds other out there. Do you have a unique idea for hair accessories that you would like to share?