Creative Ribbons: Wedding Ribbon Rolls

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing: wedding ribbons!

Time to bring out all those ribbon rolls again, and the project this time is weddings. Whether it’s for your wedding or a friends, ribbon rolls are at it again! You’ve incorporated these little gems into pretty much everything you’ve done for the wedding. From flowers to trinkets to decorations, these wedding ribbons are everywhere. Here’s a few more ideas to use up all those little strips still laying around.

While the traditional wedding throws rice or confetti at the departing couple, why not have something a little more clean up friendly? Create your own ribbon wands.double face satin ribbon wedding wands made from ribbon rolls

Such a simple project. Find a dowel that will comfortably fit an anyone’s hand. Each dowel can be painted to the wedding colors. Sand the dowels a bit so that there is nothing sticking out of them. Take the ribbon roll strips and trim them to the same size of the dowel. Choose as many as you want and secure them all to one end of the dowel. This can be done with either hot glue or adding a small screw to the end of the dowel.


single faced satin ribbon wedding ribbon rolls for bubble containersAnother great idea for sending off the couple onto their happy journey is bubbles. This one is especially a great idea if there are a lot of children, whether it be age or attitude, at the wedding. Find yourself some of those little bubble containers at a party store. Sometimes these come in colors or just clear. Either way, add paint, glitter or anything else to make it personal. Then secure a single strip from a ribbon roll around each container with a simple bow. What a unique and great way to provide trinkets for your guests to take home! You can even choose to add a little saying onto the container with a card or pen such as, “Blow bubbles of wishes, blow bubbles of fun, let’s cheer on the newlyweds as two lives become one!”

Double Faced Satin Ribbon and Rose Wedding BackdropThe final idea here is to take a bunch of the bridal flowers and secure them into curtain by hanging them from ends of strips of the ribbon rolls. Colors are especially fun on this one as you can make a great statement with all the colors of the rainbow or stick to the wedding colors.

Whatever your choice to finish up those ribbon rolls, make sure it fits with the mood of your wedding!

9 Creative Ribbon Storage Ideas

Is storage an issue for your craft room?

Craft rooms don’t always have the right storage so can be cluttered with all of your ribbons, lace, scrapbook supplies, buttons and other items that we think you’ll use eventually. These items were probably purchased for other projects that ended up not using everything purchased or not using them at all. Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers in various spots around the room, here’s some quick ideas to help you get organized with your storage.


ribbon storage using a tension rod
ribbon storage using a basket
ribbon storage using a shoebox

1. Make tension rods your best friend.

This is probably the easiest way to get all those ribbon rolls organized into one storage space. And, it’s as simple as it sounds. Add a tension rod between two table legs or in a door way and simply slide each ribbon roll on to display. This is a great way to also measure out how much ribbon you might need and with a quick snip, you’re done!

2. A-tisket a-tasket, find yourself a basket.

Finding the right basket is the most daunting task of this project. Once you do find the basket simply find a small dowel that will fit through the holes on the sides of the basket. Secure it through the middle of each ribbon roll and through each end of the basket. As shown in the picture, the final step is to thread the end of each ribbon roll through a hole on the side of the basket. And, voilà, you’re done!

3. Not with a fox, but put them in a shoe box.

Here’s another easy project to wrangle all your ribbon rolls into one place. Either purchase a box, use an old shoe box that you can re-purpose, or give yourself a reason to go get that new pair of shoes. Whatever your choice, simply decorate the box however you want and find, or make, an elastic that will fit all the way around the bottom. Stack your ribbons inside and secure each end on one side underneath the elastic. Close the lid and it’s almost like decorating your craft room.


ribbon storage using a pant or skirt hanger
ribbon storage using canisters or jars
ribbon storage using a straw canister

4. Treat ’em like a pair of slacks and hang them up!

Another great way to store all those ribbon rolls but keep them handy is to hang them up. Find a skirt or pant hanger with multiple bars and simply slide them on. Typically these hangers have a swinging arm to add and remove rolls with. Use a push pin or a nail into your wall and hang it up!

5. Like time in a bottle, canisters work too.

Remember those old glass candy and cookie jars? You’ve probably wanted one for, like, forever! Why not splurge a little and finally get one. Use it to hold all your ribbon roll odds and ends. Wrap the ribbons around craft sticks or clothes pins or just stuff ’em all in. Not matter what, this storage idea will help your craft room look like a candy store in no time at all!

6. Store them with the straws.

Here’s another one to make you take a trip down memory lane. Remember those old straw canisters from the diners? Grab yourself one next time you’re at the store and make a pretty little display jar for your ribbon rolls.


ribbon storage using tic tac containers
ribbon storage using pencils and erasers
ribbon storage using rain gutters

7. Keep them “minty” clean and use an empty Tic Tac or mint container.

While this only works with smaller and skinnier rolls, ribbons can still be rolled up tightly and slid into an empty Tic Tac container. Simply curl a piece of ribbon and pop it inside the container, making sure to leave the tail end hanging out of the lid a little bit so you can pull on it to cut off the desired amount. And don’t forget to decorate the little boxes and make them your own.

8. Line them up, like ducks in a row, using pencils and erasers and put them in a drawer.

Again, this one is just as simple as it sounds. Take a pencil, can be any color or any kind (number two work the best) and add a large eraser to one end. Line up your ribbon rolls and shove that pencil right through the middle! Secure a second eraser to the other end and throw the bundle in a drawer or it’s own little box.

9. Plug up your gutters with ribbon rolls!

Instead of filling up a gutter with rain or leaves, mount them on the wall in your craft room and fill them with all those ribbon rolls. Paint or decorate them to match your décor or room color and hang them within reach to make the ribbon rolls easy to get to.

No matter your storage choice, keep your creative brain handy!
Do you have anything to add to this list?

The 7 Types of Ribbon Rolls

Ribbon rolls are used in so many projects these days.

So today, we unravel our stockpile of ribbon rolls and explain the different types and how they might be used. Whether it is for tying gift bows or adding the finishing touch to an outfit or costume, ribbon rolls come in handy at every turn. And, with so many ribbon types to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which is best for the project at hand. Here is a simple guide to each type of ribbon roll we offer.

single faced satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsdouble faced satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsSINGLE FACED SATIN AND DOUBLE FACED SATIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is one of our most popular choices for ribbons. And, believe it or not, our faced satin ribbons are actually 100% polyester. They are available in practically any color and four widths.

Single Faced Satin Ribbons are relatively inexpensive and is great for gift wrapping. They are smooth on one side and have a matte finish on the other.

Double Faced Satin Ribbons are smooth with a satin sheen and soft on both sides of the ribbon. Any printing of graphics and/or text will be printed only on one side of the ribbon roll. These ribbon rolls are great for use as decorations at parties and other functions.

dyna floral satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsDYNA FLORAL SATIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type has a slight sheen and a supple, satin feel. This ribbon is easy to tie and knots well. As such, they are great for bows for weddings, wrapping gift boxes and using as floral ribbons. They are made from 100% polyester and are available in 48 colors and a variety of widths.


grosgrain ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsGROSGRAIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is heavily corded (ribbed texture) and sturdy. This cording shows through any imprinting that is done. Again, made from 100% polyester, these ribbons are woven with thick lengthwise fibers, and provide a bit of elasticity, making them the perfect material for trimming and edging. These are fantastic for both gift wrapping and decorations and add character to most any project. These are available in 79 ribbon colors and four ribbon widths.

floral satin acetate ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsFLORAL SATIN ACETATE RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is made of a satin acetate and are quite stiff. These ribbons are woven from acetate thread into a satin weave making this ribbon choice a stiffer ribbon. They are commonly and traditionally used in floral arrangements, pew bows and packaging. They are available in over 60 colors and four ribbon widths.


organza chiffon ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsORGANZA-CHIFFON RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is lightweight and translucent ribbons. These are 100% nylon and are a unique choice for ribbons. As this ribbon is lightweight, it is easy to work with and provides an elegant, iridescent finish. Best use for these ribbons is wrapping gifts. Use bright, off setting colors of wrapping paper to really set off these ribbon rolls.


multicolor full color ribbon rolls personalied ribbonsMULTICOLOR (SATIN ACETATE) RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type can be customized with all-over color for a truly personalized ribbon. Multicolored ribbons, also referred to as full color ribbons, are ideal for awards, advertising, gift wrapping, brand awareness and campaigning. They can be used as the entire ribbon roll or can be cut down to individual ribbons.

Idea of the Week: Ribbon Curtains

ribbon curtains custom personalized ribbon rollsHow about an easy project for this week?! These ribbon curtains can be used for almost any occasion are are so easy to set up and make! Just choose a ton of your favorite ribbon rolls, customize them if you wish, and make this fantastic project!

There are multiple ways to make these, but here are a few quick ideas.

The first way is to simply take the desired length of ribbon and run it the full way down the desired wall. Attach the ribbons to a string to create the curtain. Repeat this process until the curtain is the desired width. Once this is all done, simply secure the string or bar into place. These are great for weddings and other formal parties. And don’t forget to customize the ribbon rolls with the wedding details, such as the date or the bride and groom’s names.

The second way is to use a bar that can either be hung or placed in a doorway. These are great for birthday parties and photo booths. Use the same technique described above. The fun part about using a bar is that it can be hung outdoors or used on a party table or as a photo booth for fun pictures.

Our final suggestion to creating your own ribbon curtain is to actually use a curtain and either permanently affix the ribbon rolls or using tape, or another removable adhesive, temporarily place the ribbons along the curtain. This creates a unique and fun way of displaying the customized ribbon rolls and will add character to any function.

A couple extra ideas: tie the curtains on the backs of chairs for a unique detail at a formal party or wedding, use shorter ribbons for a fun picture accessory, or tie the ribbon rolls around a curved bar or hula hoop for hanging decorations at a birthday party.

Our ribbon rolls come in a variety of types and sizes. From Grosgrain to Floral Satin Acetate and even Organza, we can meet any need you might have. Can’t decide which will work best for your project? Try browsing our Idea Gallery to help with your ideas.

101 Ways To Use Personalized Ribbon Rolls

Personalized ribbons can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many people have made lists of what one can do with these ribbons, so here is our version. And, while this list doesn’t actually reach 101, it is sure to provide inspiration to reach that mark!

ribbon rolls personalized ribbon wedding invitations party invitesCreate personalized ribbon with names or dates for an event, such as a birthday or wedding, and wrap an invitation. This personalized ribbon can also be wrapped around wedding or other programs.

Create small tags with a single letter forming a title and use narrow ribbons to attach to a scrapbook page.

Use ribbon to tie tags onto presents or party favors, or wrap presents.

Make a flower with loops or scraps of ribbon and attach a button in the middle.

Use to decorate a yard for a party; tie onto a tree or branch, a porch railing, etc.

Tie up a group of skeleton keys for decoration for a scrapbook or to simply hang on a wall.

personalized ribbons candles centerpieces vasesGlue or tie personalized ribbon to a candle or a vase for centerpieces at a wedding.

Use it to tie silverware together for a table setting; even add the napkin underneath the silverware.

Use for embellishments for scrapbooks, smash books or other hand made items.

Use personalized ribbons to hang a locket holding something special or a charm/pendent that has a special meaning. This can be worn as a necklace or hung on a wall for decoration.

Use personalized ribbons with names or a date, and fold around the corner of a photograph to personalize it; secure the ribbon with a paperclip or double sided tape.

personalized ribbon wands for weddings or partiesMake ribbon wands using a dowel and tying ribbon strips to the top. These are great for a little girl’s birthday party; simple and so cute!

Make a ribbon wreath from leftover ribbon scraps. All you need is a wreath form and simply start tying pieces of ribbon all the way around the form. Slide the ribbons together or spread them apart slightly, but make sure that there isn’t any of the wreath form that is visible. Use as many ribbons as you like to create your own look.

Make a ribbon chain for holiday or party decorations. These can be strung on mantles, doors and even a Christmas tree.

Tie personalized ribbon around cinnamon sticks or bags of potpourri for party favors. These can then be placed anywhere that someone would like to smell nice, such as a sock drawer or on a mantle.

Simply put, use personalized ribbons as shoelaces.personalized ribbon rolls for shoe laces