Badge Ribbons for Every Event

So, you already have the event planned out? Did you get badge holders or name tags for your staff, but still need a way to make sure attendees know who they can go to for assistance during the event? Try out these handy identification tools today!

custom badge ribbons to wear on name tags and badge holders

Badge Ribbons are so much more than just a piece of satin ribbon used as a designation for an usher or sponsor. Yes, titles are important, but these ribbons are so much more useful. Don’t settle for only using titles; make custom ribbons with nearly any text and graphics. From full-color to imprinted text, badge ribbons are guaranteed to make your life easier, especially when it comes to events.

Here are four ways to use badge ribbons at your next event.

1) Stock and Custom Titles

While a name tag identifies the person, adding a little flair will make them stand out. Custom imprinted ribbons are designed to hang from the back of a name tag or name badge. Simply attach a ribbon to the name tag or badge to add a descriptive title or honor for the attendee.

Choose from an abundance of stock titles or create a new one. Identify sponsors, presenters or speakers with different colored ribbons. These ribbons can also be used to differentiate guests and organizations from staff or volunteers. If there are prominent members or VIPs at the event, set them apart with a ribbon that reflects their importance or position.

2) Advertisements and Promotional Materials

vertical full-color badge ribbons are perfect for any event promotional materials

Ribbons don’t just have to be for a name tag. Make your event the hype of the year with badge ribbons. Get the word out using full-color ribbons with your event name, logo or other graphic. Leave them at grocery stores, libraries and even hand them out in places near your chosen venue. The masses are sure to get excited to come to your event with such a color advertisement.

Not only do badge ribbons help as a valuable networking tool, but they are perfect for promotions. Customize each ribbon with your logo, add any sales items or text informing of the promotion. Then, place them all around your business or store. Make sure to hand them out before the sale or promotion starts to get the word out properly. Then, watch the masses flock to your business!

3) Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Ribbons can be customized to express any desired effect. So, add uplifting imprinted text to any color of ribbon you want. These can be added to name tags to help those around your event feel more welcome and invited. And, don’t just let your employees or staff wear them. Give them to attendees to wear as well.

And, while uplifting is always nice, don’t forget to make your guests smile. Add silly titles or statements to make attendees laugh and get more involved in your event. These sayings can even be directions to a game they can play while at your event. Get creative in your text and graphics with these fun event tools.

4) Keepsakes and Awards

vertical badge ribbon as an award for a school event

Ribbons are the perfect way to say thank you for coming. They also are great for recognizing someone’s help with your event. Or, give them as awards for a game during your event. In any use, they are a growing trend to use wherever and whenever possible.

These event ribbons don’t have to remain at professional functions. Think of all that you can do with them at private and personal events as well. From parties to weddings, every event will benefit from the use of these incredible badge ribbons.

So, use badge ribbons at any event. Conventions, meetings and conferences are a few of the places where you can find badge ribbons. But have you ever thought of using them for fundraisers, fancy parties and other such events? Their uses are truly endless!

Badge Ribbons and 18 Ways To Use Them

From titles to information and sales, badge ribbons are more useful than you might think.

It is no secret that badge ribbons are one of the most common ribbons available. But did you know that they have multiple uses? Yes, they have titles imprinted on them, but those titles don’t always have to be staff, president or secretary. Customize one of these flat ribbons to meet any need!

And, to get the ideas rolling, here are 18 ways to use these ribbons.

badge ribbons are a perfect tool for every event needIdentification, Networking and Promoting Your Brand

From titles to logos, badge ribbons are perfect for using at an office or during a conference. They help to identify staff and attendees in a manner that a name tag may not fully accomplish. Use stock titles to help identify each attendee, or create your own with custom titles. And add a logo to custom graphic badge ribbons to help promote your brand!

use badge ribbons for Promotions, Sales and Statistical InformationPromotions, Sales and Statistical Information

Custom graphic badge ribbons are the perfect tool for proudly displaying your company’s growth and sales increases. Include any other statistical information you want on these promotional tools. And, use them to promote your company events and sales.

Event Organization, Decorations, Buffet Labels and Seating Place Cards

No matter the event you are planning, badge ribbons are the perfect accessory. From simple decorations and place settings to helping to organize event staff, these identification tools are there to help. Use colorful badge ribbons to label the buffet, or use them to coordinate different aspects of the event.

badge ribbons are perfect for Bookmarks, Gift Tags, Party Favors, Games and Ice BreakersBookmarks, Gift Tags, Party Favors, Games and Icebreakers

Badge ribbons are perfect for labeling party favors and go great as gift tags. Or, try using them during games and party icebreakers. These ribbons are perfect for getting to know each other during your party. Use them for names or to identify individuals using different colors. Give everyone a reminder of your party with a unique bookmark or souvenir imprinted with party information on the ribbon.

badge ribbons are perfect for Supporting Your Cause, giving Awards and Raffle TicketsSupport Your Cause, Give Awards and Raffle Tickets

Show support for your cause or another charity with specific colors, like pink for a cancer event. Or, use these tools as placement awards for any games or contests going on during your event. Each winner will want to wear their award with pride while they enjoy the rest of your event.

Raffles can be one of the highlights at any big event. Add a fun twist by having people write their names on blank ribbons instead of using paper raffle tickets. Even use blank ribbons to label the raffle prizes.

But, no matter how you use badge ribbons, they are great for everything at any event, party or other function.

Product Highlight: Intern Badge Ribbons

Looking for the right title for your badge ribbon? No need to look any further than!

And, we recently added the title INTERN to our stock ribbons.

Have you ever needed to add a title to a badge holder or name tag and didn’t want it printed directly on the tag? Well, we have the perfect solution! Late last year, which was only a few weeks ago, Personalized Ribbons received a request to add the title INTERN to our already long list of on-hand titles. So, we added the title in a couple of bright colors!

product highlight featuring a new stock badge ribbon title intern

The INTERN title is now available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

And, it comes in two colors:



Of course, we still have all of our other titles available. There are so many to choose from that we’re sure to have the one you are looking for. And, if we don’t, we’ll make it! You may have to wait for the die and printing, but we’ll be happy to help you with any title you need.

Badge ribbons are great for marketing, brand recognition and promotional tools. Name tags with ribbons can advertise a sale, event or company logo. Attaching ribbons to name tags and badge holders at a conference is an excellent way to identify and recognize attendees’ different roles. Conference ribbons may include information that identifies speakers, staff or a variety additional functions. These provide a valuable networking tool.

Quickly identify roles at any event or function. Reward good work in schools or businesses with an appropriate badge ribbon. Or use these versatile ribbons for family reunions or other events as party favors or even part of a game.

Badge ribbonsproduct highlight featuring a new stock badge ribbon title intern are perfect for color-coding anything or anyone. With bright colors available, game or party participants will stand out for sure. The colors also allow for a professional and polished appearance during work functions.

The benefits are numerous with badge ribbons! Come on over and get your intern ribbons today, or find the perfect title for your needs.

Badge Ribbons: Top 5 Reasons To Use Them


Whether it’s for a sale or for use at an event, badge ribbons are a must have accessory for everyone!

While there are many ways to use personalized ribbons, badge ribbons are one of the best to use. The uses for badge ribbons are extensive, but here is a small list of why they are so important. While there are only five uses described here, each reason is just as great as the next. So, in no particular order, here’s the list!

stock badge ribbons verticle badge ribbons horizontal badge ribbonsIDENTIFYING ROLES: A badge ribbon with a title such as staff, council member or sponsor is easy to see when attached to a name badge. These ribbons also allow attendees to easily recognize and identify exhibitors, judges, speakers, honorees and other important figures at a conference. Ribbons are a valuable networking tool for any event.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Use them as quick bookmarks and have a favorite quote or thought imprinted. Some people have gone so far as to collect as many badge ribbons as they can and created unique clothing, such as a dress! Whatever your crafty idea, it can be as crazy and zany as you like!

custom graphic badge ribbons recognition badge ribbonsEXPRESSING IDEAS: Badge ribbons are frequently used at conventions and events to create buzz over an idea or theme. Use these ribbons to help break the ice at parties. Each badge ribbon can feature an idea, a clever thought, or use them for a particular game.


REWARDING GOOD WORK: Recognizing achievement is a great way to improve employee morale. Many businesses use badge ribbons for recognition programs. Giving a badge ribbon is a great way to reward members of a team who make a company or organization successful. These ribbons can also be given to honor special guests at an event. Wearing personalized badge ribbons during an event can create a feeling of accomplishment and pride and can take an achievement program to the next level.

verticle badge ribbons multicolor personalized badge ribbonsBRAND RECOGNITION: Badge ribbons are often used for promotional tools. Many retail establishments use the during sales to provide quick and concise information about what the sale entails. Choose from different colors to highlight different sections of a store or program. Personalize each ribbon with a logo or business name. Badge ribbons are great at drawing attention to a name badge and helps any employee stand out.

Use Ribbons as Motivation for Students

Ribbons can be used as tools to help motivate children to learn.

School is back in session and many mothers and fathers are relieved that they no longer have to provide entertainment for their children. However, this now puts educators in the position of teaching these children. Many teachers are searching everywhere for the perfect tools to keep these kids motivated in their learning and education.

Every child is different and has their own abilities that deserve to be praised. Customize and design any ribbon to celebrate any achievement. From school colors to school mascots, we can help that special student stand out. Receiving a ribbon for a special achievement can be exciting, or giving a ribbon just for effort can help a student raise their self-confidence.

Here are a few ideas that should keep their attention.

Place ribbonspersonalized ribbons stock placement ribbons reward and recognition ribbons are great for students as they can also be customized or ordered as a stock title or placement. Not only can a student hang them proudly but they can also double as a bookmark for a quick reminder of why the ribbon was received. With several styles and multiple colors, these place ribbons are sure to be a hit with any student.



Rosette Ribbonspersonalized ribbons stock rosette ribbons award ribbons are great for place ribbons. So, when you have a classroom contest or a need to represent several students for the quality of their work, choose from a variety of styles and colors. Most ribbons represent up to nine places and also participation awards. All our rosette ribbons are high quality and can be ordered as unique custom or stock rosette award ribbons.


Ribbon rollsgrosgrain ribbon rolls achievement and recognition ribbons can be customized to meet any need. Choose a special message that will let any student know of his or her achievement. And, choose from an abundance of colors and styles.




Ribbons are a great way to show that special child just how special they really are. Sometimes it is the little gestures in life that make someone want to strive for excellence. Immediate and tangible rewards can make reaching this goal more enjoyable and can really help them strive for and achieve that excellence.